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Irish Whiskey - The Wild Geese Classic Blend
Quayside House, Kerry, Ireland


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The Wild Geese Irish Soldiers & Heroes Classic Blend
Importer: Admiral Imports

PROOF: 80 (40%) 
TYPE: Blend

PRICE: $39.00 750 ML 



Notes: This is the youngest whiskey in a series the others being the Rare, Limited Edition, and the Single Malt. None of these have an age statement as they are released based an profile rather than age. Made primarily from whiskies double distilled and then aged in once used bourbon barrels in a granite warehouse until ready. Double distillation (as opposed to the more common triple distillation) brings the spirit off at a lower (and more flavorful) proof.

Appearance: Honey gold in the bottle, very light gold in the glass. On swirling forms a thin edgeline/meniscus,then slender legs forming.

First Impression: Nicely, pleasantly aromatic, sweet, dark fruit note.

Taste: Sweet fruity start, vanilla dark fruits, figs, dates, spices, then nicely drying oak and vanilla finish with grain notes.

Drinks: Works well in most drinks calling for Irish Whiskey. Think of it as a dry bourbon from a mixing standpoint (as it is not peated like scotch nor has the sweetness of corn lie bourbon)

Cigars: A mild Credo, Ashton or Davidoff. Connecticut shade grown wrapper.

Bottle: Clear glass shaped somewhat reminiscent of a bell jar of apothecary bottle.Nice heavy glass bottom to decanter gives it heft and weight. Simple labels and real cork closure finish the spare, elegant package.

Final Thoughts: A nice Irish whiskey for the price point and since it is not ostensibly from one side or the other much less likely to cause offense. A good, neutral, and safe Irish whiskey for gift giving.

Website: http://www.twgisah.com

Somewhat minimal information on the actual whiskey. Recipes were interesting but somewhat complicated.




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