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Grappa - Grappa by Battistella
Six Mile Creek Vineyard, Ithaca, New York


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Grappa by Battistella
Six Mile Creek Vineyard, Ithaca, New York

PROOF: 84.8 Proof (42.4%)
TYPE: Hand -Crafted American Grappa
AGE: Not applicable
PRICE: $25.00 375ML


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: This is a new grappa to the market produced in ridiculously small quantities - and I mean that in a nice way - I've seen bigger stills in the woods than this one. Distilled in a copper pot still in small batches from primarily Pinot Noir, with a bit of Cabernet Franc and Merlot grape pomace. They also produce an excellent Vodka, Gin, and Limoncella .

AppearanceCrystal clear, no sediment whatsoever, or separation. Nice body to it. On swirling, it leaves a a thin clear coat on the inside of the glass, long legs and droplets forming after a bit.

First Impression: Flowery amarone-like aroma with briny notes to it.

TasteGrapes,citrus, buttery almonds, apricot, black raisins,- quicksilver feel on the tongue. Very smooth for a grappa.

DrinksOf course my Sicilian friends (especially the older ones) have this with their morning coffee before hunting (or a lot of other mornings too). While there are not a lot of grappa cocktails, I think this one has a lot of potential.

Cigars: Parodi - What else would you have grappa with?

Final Thoughts: Grappa has suffered from a terrible reputation as either:

A: Some homemade moonshine by an ancient relative;

B: One of the cheap mass produced grappas that was shipped over here because no one in Italy would drink it.

C: Some of the American attempts.

Most of the field I would not use to remove the tar from my car. This grappa , and a select few others on the other hand, have proven that properly made grappa here in America is a excellent alternative to the expensive boutique type imported from Italy - something I would not have thought possible before trying these grappas.

Bottle: Distinctive, tall, dark glass bottle with slightly raised silkscreen on the glass design and gold script on front and gold neck wrap. Good quality cork stopper completes the package.

Web site: http://www.sixmilecreek.com/wines_spirits.html

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