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Gin - Ransom Old Tom Gin
Ransom Spirits, Sheridan, Oregon


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Ransom Old Tom Gin
Ransom Spirits, Sheridan, Oregon
PROOF: 88 (44%)
TYPE: Old Tom
AGE: 3-6 months
PRICE: $36.00 - 750ML

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One of the very few "Old Tom" style gins available in the US market (click for info! above for more about "Old Tom"). Using a barley malt base and botanical essences in a corn base, this gin is distilled in a alembic still - not some factory column still. It is then aged - another unusual point for this gin.

Appearance: Lovely burnished bronze color,crystal clear, thick, scalloped edges develop on swirling, changing to long legs and droplets on the side of the glass. Slightly oily / thickness to body (sign of quality and lots of flavor).

First Impression: Heavy malty grain and juniper with cardamom, angelica and a hints citrus a very heavy, complex and delightful bouquet. Also citrus, coriander and cardamom combine to make for a lovely rounded bouquet.

Taste: Lovely malt and fruit mix with a spicy slightly sweet tail to it. lots of weight and mouthfeel to it. Luscious orange, citrus and spice blend. While sweet not as much as one would think from the old literature. Mild tingling on the lips and tongue. Very clean distillation and wonderful blending. Lovely, long lingering finish with lots of malt, fruit, spices leather and a touch of tobacco.

Drinks: Finally you can use to make all those recipes from those old drinks books. Most pre-prohibition books did not use London Dry Gin. They called for either Old Tom or they specified Holland or Dutch Gin to make a less aromatic and much more malty drink - using the wrong variety was like using the wrong type of vermouth in a drink - vastly different (and possibly undrinkable) result.

This gin however can also be used in all sorts of drinks given it's multifaceted character.You can swap it out for London Dry Gin,bourbon and scotch in some drinks. We are also experimenting with it for a tequila substitute/swap. It seems like a whole new horizon of possible cocktails.

Bottle: Clear glass, not frosted,colored or in any other way obscuring the contents. Looks a bit like a old chemist's-style bottle or what you see single malts scotch bottled in - short cylindrical - not as short as a bell shape- with a somewhat short neck. Off white paper label printing that looks like engraving, old style script. Has batch and bottle number on bottom of label printed on the back label so as to appear through the gin when looking at the front of the bottle. Package is finished with grey sealing wax and screwcap .

Other: This spirit is part of remarkable portfolio of the Domiane Select Classic and Vintage Artisanal Spirits Collection along with the following spirits we have already reviewed Averna Sambuca , Averna Limoni , Deaths Door Vodka , G Vine Floraison , G'Vine Nouaison , Rhum J. M. Blanc , Rhum J. M. Gold ,Rhum J. M VSOP , Rhum J. M. Vieux ,Stranahan Colorado Whiskey,Suprema Grappa along with others we have not yet reviewed but hope to in the future, given the quality of what we have already reviewed.

We applaud Domaine Select in spearheading a conscious decision to assemble a portfolio of artisanal spirits and to provide distribution and access to such a group of spirits to the trade and consumers. If only other companies did such a thing we would all be drinking in a better world.

Final Thoughts: Finally, a whiskey drinkers gin that can combine the best of both worlds. We love this gin and can recommend it wholeheartedly. A must have for a new gin addition to your bar and very necessary for a lot of classic drinks. This gin would be very useful and versitile.


Website has some useful information but a bit terse compared to some - nothing you can't get from the back label. . .More pictures and an expanded history would be useful.



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