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Gin - D. H. Krahn Gin,
D. H. Krahn Spirits


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D. H. Krahn Gin
D. H. Krahn Spirits, Mountain View, California

PROOF: 80 (40%)
TYPE: London Dry (more or less, somewhat)
AGE: 3 months
PRICE: $30.00 - 750ML

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Made in a direct fired all-copper Stupfler Alembic still (a form of high tech pot still) this gin is then rested for three months prior to bottling infused with the a much different, minimalist recipe of botanicals: Italian juniper, Moroccan coriander, California lemons and grapefruit, Florida oranges, and Thai ginger to lend a very clean and uncluttered flavor profile.

Appearance: Crystal clear, brilliant and sprightly. On swirling, goes from even coat to droplets quickly,on the side of the glass. Slightly oily appearance to body (sign of quality).

First Impression: Spicy, citrusy and savory. Juniper, coriander and ginger are standouts, with the citrus forming the backdrop and a lemon grass finish.

Taste: Medium-to-light body aromatic blend and savory followed by the citrus. Very clean distillation. Slightly hot finish to it straight at room temperature.

Drinks: Makes a excellent and wonderfully smooth martini. Good gin and tonic and other similar drinks .Plays well with other ingredients. A very nicely done gin well worth seeking out as an alternative to the dominant players.

Bottle: Cylindrical clear glass,with minimal silk screened graphics and a silver paper band. Real cork closure with a plastic top cap.

Final Thoughts: These people are to be applauded for their unique approach to gin and the use of a direct fired alembic still. Doesn't get more difficult than that in distilling. A nice done distillation of select ingredients showing a high degree of skill. A very nicely done, simple, spare and dry version of a gin. Less is more with this gin. A great martini gin.

Website is well laid out, if a touch hard to use at first. Lots of information.



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