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Hidden Marsh Distillery


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Hidden Marsh Distillery Queens Flight Brandy
Hidden Marsh Distillery, Seneca Falls, New York

INGREDIANT: New York State honey
PROOF: 80 (40%)
AGE: 1 Year
TYPE: Small Batch
PRICE: $28.99 375 ML 


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: Hidden Marsh is one of the newer distilleries in the the Finger Lakes region of upstate New York, producing artisanal products on a small scale. They also produce a outstanding vodka made from honey called Bee Vodka an Apple brandy, and a maple syrup brandy called Osprey (not yet reviewed).

Appearance: Straw gold colored, a trace more yellow than a cognac of similar age: Light coating on the glass when you swirl it, a crenellated edge on swirling with long thin legs developing after a bit.

First Impression: Subtle floral,grain and vanilla scents and undertones of oak, pepper and hints of leather, tobacco, from the wood aging. Strong citrus floral component with honey. Smells a good bit like a sweet bourbon or Irish Whiskey in some ways also.

Taste: Honey,flowers ,vanilla and lingering notes of tobacco, char, leather that develop after a bit. As it is only aged for one year it still tastes and smells strongly of honey the wood has not overwhelmed the honey tastes but adds a lot of oak char giving complexity and depth smooth. Nicely dry, toasty, an almost champagne-like lingering finish.Very mellow for a one year old brandy.

Drinks: We tried a a number of drinks, calvados-based, cognac-based and a number of recipes calling for whisky. All turned out well. Makes for a very nice Mimosa or variation on French 75.

Cigars: Works well with a mild cigar.

Final Thoughts: A very interesting and worthy experiment for a brandy, especially for one that is only a year old. A very unique product worth some cocktail development and experimentation.

Bottle:The bottle is a clear glass eau de vie of brandy bottle, relatively simple paper, real cork closure and black neckwrap.

Web site: http://www.montezumawinery.com

A nicely done website that mostly covers their extensive wine offerings. New website for spirits should be up soon.



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