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Bourbon - Cabin Still


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Cabin Still Bourbon
Cabin Still Distillery - Bardstown, Kentucky

: Grain - Corn (at least 51%) Rye, Barley
PROOF: 80 (40%) 
AGE: 4 Years
TYPE: Large Batch

PRICE: $12.00 -1 Liter


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: Not a lot of information on this brand. Established in 1849 and now owned by Heaven Hill it is usually described as a value brand (read: comes in plastic bottle, so it bounces rather than breaks when you drop it in the alley)

Appearance: Yellow straw color - a younger whisky than some we have tried recently (older whisky has more of a red shift in the color). Thin edge line on the glass when you swirl it, smooth layer of whisky on swirling, some legs.

First Impression: Light bouquet, thin body, smoke, mint, slightly herbal, dry rye grain, leather notes in both the taste and smell.

Taste: Corn, oak and slight sweetness to it. Some oak, mint and fruit notes. Short finish. While not bad very light in some ways and not terribly complex.

Drinks: Tends to disappear quickly in mixing.

Cigars: Domestic.

Final Thoughts: While not bad per se, it is very light in body and complexity. A solid value for a cheap bourbon, much better than a number of other ones in its price point but not something to get excited about.

Bottle: Plain looking, old style yellow paper label with an image of a 19th-century pot still on it.

Web site: http://www.heaven-hill.com/brands-bourbon.html

Well, at least they mention it there.






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