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Bitters - Underberg Bitters, Rheinberg, Germany


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Underberg Bitters
: Underberg Sales Corporation, Meredith, New Hampshire

PROOF: 88 (44%)
TYPE: Bitters
PRICE: $3.99 oz ( 3 pk. x 20 ml = 60 ml)

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Notes: A very rather nonstandard bitter. Hubert Underberg, the founder of the company, launched his unique product on the market in Germay in 1846, after many years of painstaking development work. His Underberg natural herbal digestive soon became greatly appreciated in many countries. Stopped production in 1943 due to lack of supplies; restarted in December 1945 and has been going ever since. Used mostly as a digestive aid, could be used in cocktails as a flavoring.

First Impression: Rather dry, herbal and fruity at the same time, dark fruit notes and cloves in particular.

Appearance: Dark reddish brown, fairly thin and free flowing compared to some bitters.

Taste: Intense cinnamon, gentian, yarrow, clove, and anise notes. Some dark fruits (prunes?) and berries. Acrid and spicy with interesting floral overlay in the finish. Reminds one vaguely of 5 Spice Powder.

Drinks: No one has used these in any drink I have heard of. (See Final Thoughts)

Bottle: Dark brown glass old-style / apothecary bottle cylindrical bottom half, tapered octagonal upper half-wrapped in brown paper. Wraparound paper label with a green screw cap closure.

Other: Usually found in natural food stores or drugstores in the stomach remedies aisle.

Final Thoughts: An interesting alternative bitters- somewhere between a angostura and a absinthe in terms of the flavor palette it renders up. Probably useful using as a minor absinthe substitute as an accent to a cocktail.


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