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Bitters - Stirrings Blood Orange Bitters


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Stirrings Blood Orange Bitters
Stirrings, Fall River, Massachusetts
TYPE: Bitters
PRICE: $4.99 12 oz

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Notes: Non-alcoholic bitters but more of a drinking type than a concentrated standard bitters. Stirrings makes a wide variety of mixes,cocktail rimmers, and assorted other cocktail preparations, using real juices and sugar rather than corn syrup, which we heartily applaud, however in the case of their liquid mixes while much better than most of the competition, they still fall short of squeezing you own.

First Impression: Nice blood orange smell to it, with astringent whiffs of gentian,citrus oil, and overall slightly floral and sweet.

Appearance: Red orange, a little turbid.

Taste: Pleasantly but not overly bitter, with good blood orange taste to it.

Drinks: Not terribly sure. Not concentrated enough to use in dashes. Could be good substitute for Campari or Aperol. Certainly cheap enough to experiment with. Also might be useful for a mock cocktail as it contains no alcohol.

Bottle: Cylindrical clear glass with white paper rectangular label with clipped edges. Red pink printing; easy-to-read high contrast.

Other: Must be refrigerated after opening.

Final Thoughts: An interesting, but not compelling bitter. Rather close to Aperol in flavor but without the alcohol.

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