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Bitters - Bokers Bitters
Evo-lution Limited


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Bokers Bitters
Evo-lution Bar Consultancy, Aberdeen, Scotland

PROOF: 60 (30%) (approx.)
TYPE: Bitters
PRICE: $18.00 100 ml (approx 4 oz.) plus shipping

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Notes: We are living in a time where we are blessed with a cocktail (and cocktail ingredient) renaissance. A few years ago it was extremely difficult to find any kind of bitters - especially at a bar - they had almost completely died out. Now with the interest in mixology and making better cocktail we are seeing not only the widespread appreciation and use of the more standard varieties but also the recreation of long vanished varieties such as Bokers.

Bokers were one of the original bitters liberally mentioned in all the earliest cocktail books (such as the Jerry Thomas) and right through until one of the dark ages of cocktails (prohibition) where it utterly disappeared both in print and in actual existence. It had become as extinct as the Passenger Pigeon. Fortunately we can thank Adam Elmagirab for resurrecting this lost bitter.

Cardamom heavy, with a blend of quassia bark, calamus root, areca catechu, cardamom pods, dried orange peel and mallow flowers, all macerated in overproof spirit and finished with a secret ingredient, Bokers (or its nearest incarnation) is back!

First Impression: Cardamom, valerian (?) calamus, orange, cinnamon, some floral (rose), citrus notes, cassia, mallow.

Appearance: Clear, faintly orange, free flowing.

Taste: Quite aromatic, with a accent of cloves. Primary tastes are cardamom, bitter orange, gentian, quassia, alkali notes. Finish is long, somewhat aromatic and astringent.

Drinks: An absolutely necessary and salutary ingredient in many of the worlds original cocktails such as the Crusta, Martinez, and Holland Gin Cocktail.

Bottle: Dark brown glass bottle with wrap around parchment colored label with antique fonts.

Final Thoughts: A absolute must have if you are going to do the classic cocktails (from the earliest to the 1920's). Along with being an extremely useful addition for use with many ingredients providing a critical catalyst in a drink. Admittedly pricey compared to mass produced bitters, but you easily get what you pay for. Well done!

Website: (Website (for the bitters) under construction)

Facebook page link HERE


Adams Evo-lution Bar Consultancy can be reached here:

A fairly minimal page, more a shingle than a webpage, no mention of the bitters on it.




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