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Aquavit - Lívsins vatn


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Lívsins vatn Akvavitt
Importer: Not yet for United States

INGREDIANT: Grain, spices
PROOF: 76 (38%)
PRICE: $Unknown 700 ml



Despite the fact it has a long history, Aquavit is almost unknown outside of Scandinavia. There are a few commercial varieties such as Aalborg, Linie, etc., and a number of artisianal distillers are taking up the challenge. This akvavitt (as they spell it) is from the Faroe Islands, which from all accounts is a very beautiful place, but where sheep outnumber people by at least two to one. The Faroe Islands are north of Scotland (in a straight line between Iceland and Denmark). This is what is known as a Taffel aquavit - meaning a clear unaged one - think of it as the plata, blanco or silver of aquavit.

Appearance: Brilliantly clear with no hazing, separation, floating bits, etc. Long legs and crenellated edges develop on swirling.

First Impression: Slightly sweetish, herbs and delicious aromatics to it.

Taste: Spicy, slightly sweet and herbaceaous, caraway, fennel, dill, anise and cardamon make for a savory mix that is very refreshing. Smooth and spicy.

Drinks: Frankly there are not a lot of cocktails that call for aquavit. You usually just throw it down after singing a drinking song. Try it as a spicy substitute for a vodka in a Bloody Mary or similar drink. Another way to look at it as a everything but the juniper gin with a range of savorry and aromatic herbs. Excellent with smoked meats, fish, game or strong cheese. It's a required ingredient in any smorgasbord, gathering, or any time.

Cigars: Not really sure, something relatively light s as not to clash with the aromatics.

Bottle/Packaging: Clear glass bottle with a slightly bulbous neck and rounded shoulders pale yellow/cream label with script with black and slilver lettering. Blackscrewcap/neck foil.

Final Thoughts: A nicely done, almost delicate, aquavit but packing a lot of flavor. Exceptionally smooth but flavorful. An overlooked category for new cocktail possibilities.

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